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pilgrimage of grace

You may not believe this but there was actually a period in history when Lincolnshire and Yorkshire got on! In 1536 Robert Aske found himself the reluctant leader of 40,000 men of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire willing to go to war with the King over the treatment of the Catholic church. Henry only had 5000 men at the time and if Aske had gone to war, how different our history would have been.

However, he sought peace, a choice that eventually cost him his life. The Lincolnshire Rising all started just down the road in Louth on September 30th 1536 when John Heneage arrived to examine the church (St. James). The crowd believing that they were about to be dispossessed of church property by one of Cromwell's men, rioted.

When Heneage tried to read Cromwell's commission in the marketplace he found a sword at his chest, his books were destroyed and his companions placed in the stocks - nice one lads!

Thomas Kendall, vicar and spiritual leader of the Lincolnshire Rising (our bit of the Pilgrimage of Grace) paid with his life for his part by being hung at Tyburn. Still he got a nice blue plaque out of it which can be seen opposite the entrance to St. James.

The Aske family is still remembered annually at the family church, for more information take a look at Aughton Church. where the Pilgrimage is covered in more detail.