a local mystery

Just where was the village of Cawthorpe?

As you can see on Haiward's Map (1595) ...
"Calthroppe Grounds" and "Calthrop St Bartholomewes"



and on this much later map "Cawthorp" can be seen near to Covenham. Stuart Sizer drew my attention to the "missing village" and I have not found any local information yet but if anyone has any knowledge on "Cawthorp" please let me know but in the meantime ...



I think that "Calthrop St Bartholomewes" gives us the best clue in that Covenham St Bartholomew may have been known as Calthorpe or Cawthorpe. Further evidence of this possibility can be found in "A Topographical Dictionary of England" published in 1835

COVENHAM (St Bartholomew) commonly called CAWTHORPE, a parish, in the wapentake of LUDBOROUGH, parts of LINDSEY, county of LINCOLN, 5 ½ miles (N.N.E.) from Louth, containing 222 inhabitants.

So it would appear that our Covenhams may have been singular in that we were Cawthorpe (St Bartholomew) and Covenham St Mary.