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For those interested in saving the Plough Inn for the benefit of our community please follow this link


Covenham is no different to many villages these days, a comfortable place to live, devoid of affordable housing for the first time buyer, very little employment but a wealth of history. I enjoy history, not from an academic point of view but more the people, why were they here and how did they live?

Covenham has roots reaching back hundreds of years, we now live in the shell of a former community, a community based on survival via farming. If you lived here in medieval times you would almost certainly have worked 5-30 acres of land just to keep your family alive and so would your neighbour.

You would have known everyone within the village through daily chores and duties. You would spend your days and evenings drinking beer brewed at home, the only safe source of water. When you didn't have beer ready someone else would, every house would have been a pub!

In all probability you would have been born, married and died in the same village.

I hope you find the content of this site interesting, I don't get as much time as I would like to update it so if you see something that is just plainly wrong please let me know.